No idea why they got someone's dad to narrate this video, but the information in it is pretty startling. According to this group, the American Security Project, costs racked up by climate change could include:

  • $9.3 billion a year in lost agriculture revenues in the Plains states
  • $3.6-$6.1 billion over 20 years in infrastructure costs in Alaska
  • $60 billion by 2100 in increased energy costs in the Southeast
  • $2.3-$12.1 million in lost revenue in the Northeast just from losses to the maple syrup trade
  • $200 billion in repairs if a catastrophic hurricane flooded lower Manhattan

Now, a lot of this is worst-case scenario, but this much is clear: Spending a little to address the impacts of climate change now could let us avoid costs, potentially enormous costs, down the line.

ASP also has a map on their site that lets you download a report (warning, it's a PDF) on how much each state could save by addressing climate change — i.e. how much they stand to lose if they don't.

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