42,000 gallons of Exxon oil spilled into the Yellowstone River in Montana over the weekend. Regulators had warned the company that the pipe wasn't safe.

The river's particularly high, which isn't helping clean-up.

Atmospheric pollution from China's coal use temporarily masked global warming: sulfur particulates reflected more light back into space, keeping the planet’s temperature from rising too fast. But over time the carbon dioxide released from the coal will push temperatures upwards.

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Coney Island's existential crisis: New York City wants to replace the boardwalk's unsustainable rainforest wood boards with concrete. Opponents complain that “Under the Concretewalk” doesn’t have the same ring, and also sounds like a dangerous place to have sex.

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It might be from flooding; it might be from drought, but one way or another, climate change is adding to the chances of famine in East Africa.

Americans are driving less, finally. Take that, Europe!