Photo by Tamara Evans

The Bermuda Triangle is just sitting around making ships and planes disappear. Why not put it to work for something useful, like a whale sanctuary? Because when you want to save something, you definitely store it in a place where stuff mysteriously vanishes. That's why I keep my passport in the dryer.

In all seriousness, of course, the Bermuda Triangle does not actually destroy ships or make aliens abduct them or whatever, so it'll probably be a great place for humpback whales to rest on their migratory journeys. The proposed sanctuary, a partnership between between NOAA and the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection, will be a way station for humpbacks heading to tropical waters for the winter.

NOAA's goal is to expand with more whale sanctuaries to ease the humpbacks' migration. These will be located at Area 51, Loch Ness, and the Oregon Vortex.

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