Fishermen trawling a nuclear-plant-fed reservoir in Córdoba, Argentina have caught a three-eyed wolf fish. Like everyone else who's writing about this story, I'm illustrating this post with a picture of Blinky, the nuclear fish from The Simpsons, because the real fish is super ugly. 

They don't know for sure yet whether the fish's mutation is related to radiation from the power plant. (You'd sorta think it would be, huh? But we believe in the scientific process here.) After all, animals sometimes have truly weird mutations that have nothing to do with humans at all, let alone humans playing around with potentially dangerous energy sources. But the fact that Blinky has long been a tongue-in-cheek shorthand for radiation-based mutation makes it hard to read this as a story about a random physical oddity, and not one about Mr. Burns-style environmental indifference.

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