Ugh, you guys, we gotta step it up. Carbon dioxide emissions logged the largest increase on record in 2010, putting greenhouse gas levels above the worst-case scenario predicted four years ago. According to ThinkProgress, that could mean 10 degrees F of warming in this century.

Carbon dioxide emissions went up by 6 percent between 2009 and 2010, meaning an additional 564 million tons of carbon in the atmosphere. That's more than the CO2 output of any single country besides the U.S., China, and India (the three biggest emitters). 

Okay, so this is grim. But here's one bright speck: Developed countries that ratified the Kyoto Protocol did actually succeed in reducing their emissions since the agreement was signed in 1997. So if we can get developing countries, and backwards ones like the U.S., up to speed, maybe we still have a chance.

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