The EPA released a draft of its fracking report and found chemical contamination in a gas field well. The draft summary says that "EPA is concerned about the movement of contaminants within the aquifer and the safety of drinking water wells over time."

The U.S. got a little warm and fuzzy about a climate roadmap proposed by the E.U. So at least we support suggesting the idea that we come up with some ways of doing something about the climate.

Exxon Mobil believes in the hybrid revolution: the company predicts that half of cars will be alternative-fuel vehicles within three decades.

The House just wants to make absolutely certain the EPA doesn't do anything at all, so it passed a bill to prevent the agency from regulating "farm dust," even though the agency had no intention of regulating farm dust.

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Newt Gingrich is publishing a book on climate change … after the election.

Recycling batteries is bad for Mexican children.

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