The disposal of fracking wastewater "almost certainly" was the cause of all those earthquakes near Youngstown, Ohio.

Oil is washing up on the shores of Nigeria; Shell denies it's from the massive oil spill that occurred last month.

BP wants Halliburton to cover the $20 billion it paid to clean up and otherwise deal with the Deepwater Horizon spill.

Wolves save trees. (Related: Deer are sort of like giant squirrels.)

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We love a good mass die-off mystery story. It just came out that those dead blackbirds last year in Beebe, Ark., were likely killed by fireworks. Now we can start wondering what led 20 tons of dead herring to end up on a beach in Norway.

In other end-of-times news, climate change is pushing sharks to hybridize. (Or, as the Telegraph puts it, "KILLER MUTANT SHARKS!!!") Countdown to reality becoming Waterworld or Jaws or both.

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