The Obama administration will announce today that it's limiting uranium mining near the Grand Canyon.

And the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a major environmental case in which the Sacketts, a couple backed by the conservative property rights group Pacific Legal Foundation, claim the EPA unfairly restricted their use of the property by determining that it was a wetland.

A Japanese whaling ship is holding three activists who boarded it to protest its activities.

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Is there a bubble in shale gas stakes?

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Walrus and seals have been showing up dead in the Arctic, with strange sores and hairless patches of skin. So far scientists can't say what's causing their deaths, but one theory pins the blame on Fukushima.

Remember when that tanker was grounded off the coast of New Zealand and was spilling oil? It's still there! Or at least part of it is: It just broke in two, which could mean more oil released into the ocean.