Our sources indicated that this sleeping bloodhound was in charge of the investigation. (Photo by SuperFantastic.)

Well, the Norfolk Constabulary has wrapped up its investigation into who hacked the University of East Anglia’s computers and stole the emails that formed the basis of the …

Look. I’m just going to cut to the chase. This is about 45 miles down a rabbit hole that, yeah, we could explain, but either you already know the details or you don’t. Right? Like if your ears pricked up at the mention of East Anglia, you’ll be interested in this story. If they didn’t, I’ll level with you. This ain’t Agatha Christie. You’re not going to find this super fascinating.

And, besides, Mother Jones’ Kate Sheppard already did a great recap. Here’s the news, as she outlines it:

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The police in Norfolk, UK announced on Wednesday that they have ended their investigation into the theft of a bunch of emails from climate scientists at the Climate Research Center at the University of East Anglia in 2009 — with no actual conclusion. That means we might never know who was behind what led to “Climategate,” an ongoing smear campaign against climate science and scientists.

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I mean, that’s the gist of it. A piece of a puzzle that was blown out of proportion is still a mystery. Click through if you’re fascinated, or you can read the police report. Be warned, though, the police report spells a number of words with extra Us and transposed “er” pairs.

Climategate: Still not a real issue, but at least now we won’t expect to know who stole the emails.

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