Detour ahead

Scientists say that human-caused climate change rerouted a river.

This is not normal.

no wild left behind

Artist shows what climate change will do to our national parks

It’s not pretty.

This kid called out her climate-denying rep

Watch one badass little girl confront her congressman.

science wants you

This documentary series spotlights people taking science into their own hands.

Everyday folks are gathering data to help professional scientists to do their jobs better.

that's a fact

March for Science organizers say April 22 is just the beginning

They plan on kickstarting a global movement.

case of the missing carbon

A crucial climate mystery is just under our feet

What if we could turn farms into giant greenhouse gas sponges?

coral exam

The Great Barrier Reef has been brutally bleached for the second year in a row.

This is the first time the world's most famous coral reef has been hit by major bleaching events in such rapid succession.

science unfair

These two bills would make it harder for the EPA to do good science.

The bills — recently passed by the House — in theory advocate for more transparency, but in practice would serve mainly to gum up the works at the agency. The HONEST Act — or the Honest and Open New EPA …

Trading Death

Global trade causes more than 20 percent of air-pollution deaths.

More than 750,000 people die each year due to the manufacturing of goods destined for another part of the world.