“Science” is no longer part of the EPA science office’s mission

Its website change signals a shift in the agency's direction.

Energy Star Wars

Trump’s budget would get rid of Energy Star.

The government labeling program for energy-efficient appliances and consumer products is on the president's chopping block.

sea change

This tiny program keeps our coasts safe. Trump’s gutting it, of course.

NOAA's Sea Grant prepares the country for rising seas and other threats.

6 crucial EPA programs on Trump’s chopping block

The administration has big plans to slash environmental protections.

of mice and men

Get ready for a whole lot more Lyme disease in the Northeast.

Eek! Climate change and fragmented landscapes are a nasty combination.

slash and burn

Proposed NOAA cuts would make predicting extreme weather even harder.

And you thought predicting the weather was already difficult.

Bloom and doom

Spring just keeps getting earlier. Guess what’s behind it?

Early warmth carries consequences.

here be data

These maps show what Americans think about climate change.

A full 70 percent of survey respondents acknowledge that global warming is happening.

how low can you go

Antarctica’s sea ice just hit the lowest level ever seen.

And it's about to drop even further.