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  • People said stuff, reports New York Times’ John Broder

    [See update at bottom.] Steve on climate change: “Just givitame straight!” In New York City last week, I found myself in a cab driven by a burly, jovial local named Steve. He’s a jazz bassist and a vegetarian who recycles and composts, but is conservative in his politics, distrustful of government and anything associated with […]

  • 75 percent of NPR ‘clean energy’ panel has cashed polluter paychecks

    You don’t have to been on Big Oil’s payroll to be on National Public Radio’s (NPR) clean energy panel, but it sure helps! I got a chance to watch the taping of this week’s Intelligence Squared debate on clean energy, to air on NPR. The debate’s sponsors sent up red flags right away: The American […]

  • Waxman rails against Koch’s influence on climate change efforts

    Cross-posted from the Wonk Room. Speaking at the Center for American Progress Action Fund today, House Energy Committee ranking member Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) railed against the toxic influence of Koch Industries on efforts to fight global warming. Waxman, who fought polluters to pass the Clean Air Act of 1990, is dismayed by the level of […]

  • We need big, brash, nonviolent climate protests. Are you in?

    It’s time to get loud.Dear friends, Last week, a jury in Utah found Tim DeChristopher guilty for standing up to the oil and gas companies in an effort to protect our health and our climate. If the federal government thinks that it’s intimidating people into silence with this kind of prosecution, think again. This is […]

  • Wording change softens global warming skeptics

    This snowlady needs to rewrite her sign if she wants to be 6.3 percent more convincing.Photo: Amy GoodmanThis piece was written by Tom Jacobs. Are you convinced climate change is real? What about global warming? Yes, that second question is redundant. But new research finds the two labels, which are widely used interchangeably, evoke remarkably […]

  • Politics aside, you really DO want to move to Canada

    Get used to this image.Photo: Anka KayPoliteness, Kate Beaton, and relative social progressivism are just gravy on the poutine of Canada’s superiority. Here’s the fries and curds: As global warming worsens, Canada may become the world’s wealthiest country. A short list of areas outside of “moose density” where Canada’s primed to dominate: Food security. New […]

  • The (b)low-down on wind [VIDEO]

    You know that saying about March coming in like a lion? If the roar refers to the wind, the saying holds true. Hang onto your hats as we enter the windiest time of the year. Besides being a force of nature, the wind is a promising renewable energy resource. Understanding wind is critical both to […]

  • Climate change satellite goes out in blaze of ‘Glory’

    Photo: NASANASA’s Glory satellite was supposed to measure both solar radiation and the Earth’s capacity to retain it in the course of global warming. Instead, it died trying. The satellite’s launch platform, a “Taurus XL” rocket that is every bit as janky as its namesake automobile (3 duds out of 9 launches, so far), failed […]

  • Tim DeChristopher found guilty, shows power of nonviolent civil disobedience

    Tim DeChristopher.Photo: (C) 2011 Daphne HougardClimate activist Tim DeChristopher, who was put on trial in Salt Lake City, Utah, this week for his interference with an oil and gas auction held at the end of the Bush administration, on Thursday was found guilty by a jury. He faces a sentence of up to 10 years, […]