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  • Climate challenge hinges on fueling China with clean and cheap energy

    We must make renewables affordable if we ever hope to curb China's steady rise in greenhouse-gas emissions.

  • Climate change and the Southwest water crisis: making a bad situation worse

    Drought denial’s tougher to pull off than climate denial.Photo: Luke RobinsonWhere and how will climate change first affect large numbers of American voters? Answering that question may be crucial to the global efforts to protect the Earth’s climate. The tsunami of stupidity and science denial that has washed over Washington, D.C., won’t be held back […]

  • Glenn Beck says is part of a communist plot

    Say this for Glenn Beck: He works fast. Less than 48 hours after we at launched our campaign to let businesses say that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce doesn’t represent them, Beck hit back. A true friend of Chamber (here’s a picture of him broadcasting from the group’s roof — certainly worth the $10,000 […]

  • What we have and haven’t learned from ‘Climategate’

    I wrote about the “Climategate” controversy (over emails stolen from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit) once, which is about what it warranted. My silent protest had no effect whatsoever, of course, and the story followed a depressingly familiar trajectory: hyped relentlessly by right-wing media, bullied into the mainstream press as he-said she-said, […]

  • Why space travel should remain a spectator sport

    Space shuttle Discovery at its final launch, looking awesome and polluting like crazyPhoto: NASA Yesterday’s final launch of the space shuttle Discovery provided some amazing images, and probably made a few of us look wistfully at the sky and think of space panoramas (or in my case space poop and space laundry, because I just […]

  • The Climate Post: Tension over Middle East oil

    Will Gaddafi sabotage Libya’s oil pipelines to spite protesters?Photo: Crethi PlethiOver the past week, the unrest in the Middle East deepened, with growing protests in Bahrain and Libya, and more draconian measures by the countries’ leaders to quash the opposition. Libya is a significant oil exporter, and the first member of the Organization of the […]

  • Maybe no one cares about climate change because we’re wired for extinction

    Will we follow the Irish elk’s strange evolutionary path toward extinction?This piece was written by George Black. In my unending (and thus far, I have to confess, largely fruitless) attempts to figure out why Americans aren’t more alarmed about climate change, one of the more intriguing ideas I’ve heard recently was put to me by […]

  • Linking ‘big weather’ to global warming

    Most people are understandably confused about the relationship between global warming and natural variability in the weather. After the huge snowfalls in the northeastern United States over the past few months, for instance, many people can’t help but wonder: With a winter of such magnitude, how can scientists say the planet is warming? Day-to-day and […]

  • Climate activist Tim DeChristopher goes to trial

    An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law. — Martin Luther King, Jr. Dearest readers, I want to share a story […]