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Redefining coal country

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Growing up in Huntington, West Virginia, Lindsey Crittendon always knew she might have to leave home in search of job opportunities. She went to college to be an engineer, but after graduating, managed to find a job in her hometown—working in child protective services. Though she loved serving her community, the hours were grueling, and taking time off was difficult. 

After a decade, she was miserable. Crittenden recalls asking herself, “If this is life, what am I even working for?” When she heard about an opportunity to learn computer coding through a program offered by Generation West Virginia, a non-profit helping boost access to employment and educational opportunities across the state, she leapt at the chance. 

Students learn to code at the NewForce coding program offered by Generation West Virginia. Generation West Virginia

Generation West Virginia is one of a number of organizations now striving to revitalize the state’s economy, which has historically relied heavily on the coal industry. As the industry declines across Appa... Read more

Sponsored by Just Transition Fund

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