Earth isn’t new to the big screen. Our planet has had a storied film career — from its roles as a love interest in I Heart Huckabees to a villain in Escape from Planet Earth to an extra in Armageddon. And while we all love Earth’s work in David Attenborough-narrated documentaries, there’s a big hole in the planet’s IMDb page. Earth deserves its own animated TV show.

Luckily, the good folks at Arrow Sky Media & Magnetic Dreams are working on one. The show features an adorable, button-nosed Planet Blue, a lovely, inquisitive Sunny Sun, and a team of Earth-loving kids from around the world. In the 12-episode first season of Planet Blue, everyone works together to understand different environmental problems and come up with solutions.

Planet Blue should be educational, empowering, and good ol’ fashioned fun. Plus, the animation is gorgeous. Watch the trailer:


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The project’s creators have a very important mission: “Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. By instilling awareness of environmental conservation in our children at a young age, we ensure that these values will stay with them and shape their decisions throughout their lives.”

But Planet Blue can’t happen on its own. Big network advertisers aren’t too interested in a show that teaches children how to care for the Earth. This is where you come in. If you want to see Planet Blue happen, visit their website to learn more and become a sponsor today.

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