Last year, we created 52 episodes about sustainable and adventurous food in Minnesota. For the final episode of this past season, we announced our plans to take this web series on the road. And with this episode (No. 53!) we start a whole new round of weekly videos about real food across America. Traveling with my camerawoman (and girlfriend) Mirra Fine for the next six months, we will be meeting farmers, fisherman, hunters, and foragers — telling their stories, creating recipes with their ingredients, and showing our own road trip adventures.

This first episode follows our departure from Minneapolis, travels across Iowa, and arrival at the unique Radiance Dairy where Francis Thicke lets his dairy cows live out their lives after milking. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode, but remember to come back every week for the next six months! [Editor’s note: This is the same Francis Thicke who challenged his state’s entrenched agribusiness interests last year by mounting a serious campaign to be elected Iowa’s secretary of agriculture. His loss was the nation’s loss, in our opinion.)