How many times has this happened to you: You're sitting in your crappy apartment, watching Colbert on stolen wifi, drinking boxed wine and trying to get high on whatever charred resin is left in your roommate's bowl. All of a sudden you're just, like: "Damn, why is it only homeowners with well-sited, south-facing roofs get to power their domiciles with solar power?!"

Wonder no more, my friend: Mosaic Solar is here. Like other community sharing projects — agriculture, fish, gardens — Mosaic allows you to own a little piece of a collective, only in this case it's a big solar installation on a suitable building in your neighborhood. You buy a "tile" of this solar installation, and the owner of the building where it's ultimately installed pays you for the electricity it produces.

That may sound like solar sharecropping, but here's where it gets warm and fuzzy: After they've paid you back, whatever money is left goes to more solar installations. Hopefully it leads to a sort of charitable Ponzi scheme where the sucker paying in at the bottom is always the sun. Hippies win, Ra loses, what's not to like?

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