Oil prices went down — for about a minute, before they started climbing again — after the International Energy Agency announced the release of emergency supplies.

The Department of Energy is backing the $2.6 billion Project Amp, which will install 733 megawatts of solar — as much as was installed in all of 2010 — in 28 states over four years.

To make it even clearer that the the vast liberal conspiracy has it in for dirty energy: The right wing’s favorite bogeyman George Soros joined forces with Google to invest $25 million in an energy efficiency company called Transphorm. (Don't worry, conspiracy theorists, it's only $25 million! They can't be that serious about this.)

The Arizona wildfires ate up the habitat of endangered species like spotted owls and Apache trout.

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The EPA is starting to study the environmental impact of fracking, before Republicans take that power away, too.