The National Science Foundation found Michael Mann, a scientist at the center of Climategate, did nothing wrong. You don’t say.

Ford and Toyota are going to be working together on technology for hybrid trucks and SUVs.

Apparently Michele Bachmann wants to the United States to become an Iran-like state where oil is government-subsidized. How else to explain her continued, irrational insistence that gas will be $2 per gallon during her presidency?

If there are too few lobsters in Long Island, there may be too many in Maine.

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A Halliburton exec took a swig of a new fracking fluid, made by the food industry. But the company won't say how he's doing now, and the company that made the product said it's not a food. Conclusion: This probably isn't a good substitute for drinking water.

The EU could back a plan to extend the Kyoto Protocol. Don't get too excited now: Ratifying Kyoto II, Son of Kyoto could take years.

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