It's sort of a no-brainer to realize that we need to invest in clean energy technology and get governments to institute policies that support those investments. Greens have been saying that for ages. But greens, for the most part, do not represent $20 trillion in assets. So when people who do wield that amount of money finally catch on, we should probably take notice.

The 2011 Global Investor Statement on Climate Change, issued by the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment, is backed by nearly 300 investors who control a combined $20 trillion. And it says that governments need to commit to addressing climate change, which will also improve the economy and create jobs. These are the guys that governments listen to, because these are the guys with $20 trillion, so maybe this has a hope of getting an ear.

The statement doesn't represent a financial commitment, mind you — the investors aren't actually putting all that money where their mouths are yet. But at least they're getting their mouths in the right place.

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