Volkswagen E-Bugster

Hitting the "on" button on this car (because in the future, all cars will be started the same way you start up a laptop) makes the interior flash blue like you've just stepped into a light cycle from TRON. Check the video, below, for the full effect.

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Paul Tan's Automotive News reports:

The car’s central electric module weighs just 80 kg, and juice for the motor is stored in a lithium-ion battery whose modules are housed in a space-saving location behind the front seats. The battery has an energy capacity of 28.3 kWh, offering the car a 180 km operating range.

Smart For-Us electric pickup truck

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I'm not even sure what this thing is for. The concept model has just enough cargo space for a bicycle minus its front wheel. Autoguide reports:

The For-Us is an electric vehicle and uses the same 55kW motor and 17.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack first seen on the all-electric Smart fortwo. Range is thus pegged at 86-miles on a full-charge. Performance numbers are a similar story, its brisk, but not fast. Acceleration from 0-37 mph takes about 5-seconds.

Tata eMO electric

They named it the "Emo"? Really? Anyway, it has a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 65 MPH, which is plenty considering that Tata mostly sells to its home country of India. More from Edmunds and The New York Times.

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