How about that fascinating ad in Gristmill today for the new video courtesy of the American Enterprise Institute! An Inconvenient Truth … or Convenient Fiction? aims to present us with an alternative to the "climate extremism" that is "popular with Hollywood and other pessimistic enclaves" and seeks to assure us everything is A-OK. They’re even doing screenings around the U.S. In, uh, three locations. Anyone else give this AEI spin project a spin yet?

[editor’s note, by David Roberts] This seems like a good time to draw attention to Grist’s advertising policy, to wit: we don’t screen ads for political or ideological content. If we did that, every ad that did appear on our site would carry an implied endorsement, and we don’t want to get into that briar patch. The main thing to note is: advertising is advertising, editorial is editorial, and never the twain shall mess with each other.