Gore lends heft to sustainable-business campaign launched by Prince Charles

We were so excited when we saw that Prince was recruiting Al Gore for a green campaign. We loved thinking about the velveteen rocker and the ex-veep partying like it was 1999 again. But alas, it was gently pointed out to us that it’s Prince Charles who’s brought Gore on board, convincing him to join a project called Accounting for Sustainability that will encourage businesses to assess their eco-impacts. Launching Wednesday, the effort also involves BP head Lord John Browne. Prince Charles is apparently eager to be a model with his line of household products, Duchy Originals, which will bear labels divulging the emissions caused by their manufacture. The dutiful prince is also offsetting his personal emissions and adding energy-saving measures to his home, including using rainwater to flush the lav. (Not that he goes.) Why all the fuss? “I happen to believe climate change is the greatest challenge facing us all,” he said, before clapping a raspberry beret on his head and strutting away.