Exxon Mobil Corp., you may have heard, just ended the most profitable year ever, for any American corporation. Ever. To the tune of $34 billion.

That means Exxon pulled down about $1,110 a second last year.

Nonetheless, as Carl Pope extensively documents, the company remains one of the biggest deadbeats in the world, still digging in its heels about paying victims of the Exxon Valdez oil spill (2,000 of which are dead — and their surviving family members have no standing in the case, and will never receive anything). Then there’s the matter of oil and gas royalties, which — despite the skyrocketing cost of oil and gas, and subsequent industry profits — have remained level over the past few years. All that profit is going directly into corporate coffers.

"Without a shadow of a doubt, Exxon has the best management in the oil industry,"’ said Doug Leggate, an analyst at Citigroup Inc. in New York.

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Yeah, I guess you could say that. If you were a soulless fuckwit.

Anyhoo, the point of all this is that ExxposeExxon has a new video up lampooning Exxon, and it’s kinda funny.

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(Also, here’s my tribute to departing Exxon CEO Lee Raymond, from August ’05.)