Psst — Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you’re now rushing out the door in a panic to buy your sweetie a trinket, keep this in mind: A group of prominent jewelers has joined a campaign against the Pebble Gold Mine, an environmental monstrosity that would be sited in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, at the headwaters of the world’s largest sockeye salmon run. Of 28 jewelers signed onto an enviro-sponsored No Dirty Gold campaign, five — Tiffany, Ben Bridge, Fortunoff, Helzberg, and Leber — have pledged not to source gold from the Pebble Mine. “There are places where mining does not represent the best use of resources,” says Tiffany CEO Michael Kowalski. “In Bristol Bay, we support … the salmon fishery as the best bet for sustainable, long-term benefit.” Give ’em a clean-gold star!