Takeaways from a new ranking of eco-friendly practices in big biz: Consumer companies are getting greener, but there’s plenty of ground to gain. In its second annual scorecard, nonprofit Climate Counts ranked 56 companies on their measurement, reduction, and disclosure of greenhouse gases. Eighty-four percent of the companies scored higher this year than they did in 2007, but the average score was still only 40 out of a possible 100. At the top of the list were Nike with 82, Stonyfield Farm with 78, and IBM with 77; Google was most improved, jumping from 17 points in 2007 to 55 in 2008; and Jones Apparel Group, Burger King, Darden Restaurants, and Wendy’s were the bottom-dwellers, receiving big goose eggs. Climate Counts distributes pocket-sized versions of its scorecard in hopes that consumers will consider the rankings when wielding purchasing power.