Supporters Claim $300 Billion Energy Plan Would Create 3.3 Million Jobs

A coalition called the Apollo Alliance released a report on Wednesday proposing and outlining a 10-year, $300 billion investment in alternative energy sources, which it claimed would create 3.3 million jobs and more than pay for itself through energy savings and economic stimulation. The 10-point plan — which contains prescriptions for everything from more efficient factories to modernized electrical plants to hybrid cars — contrasts sharply with the Bush administration’s proposed energy plan, which would heavily subsidize the oil, gas, and nuclear industries. The report prompted criticism from economists and analysts at conservative organizations and statements of support from Democrats, including the candidates for president. In a statement, Howard Dean used the report to criticize Bush, saying, “This administration’s fealty to its corporate benefactors in the oil industry has caused our nation to fall behind in what will be one of the most important new industries of the 21st century.”