I’m on a conference call, listening to Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, chat with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, about energy.

I don’t have a recording, but I tell you, Immelt sounds more and more like a standard greenie — he’s stumping for a national RPS, 10-year extension of renewable tax credits, and a price on carbon. And he keeps insisting that it’s not particularly political. “Energy is easy,” he says.

Then again, Al Gore (who apparently is also in the room) asked him directly about what’s blocking this stuff in Congress, and he basically dodged. “Partisanship,” blah blah.

There’s a word, Jeff. It starts with an R. Try saying it!

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Also, Immelt says if he had to list the first five things he’d invest in, it would be: renewables first, power storage second, natural gas third, big baseload like clean coal fourth, and conservation fifth. Flip that last one up to first, and you could do worse.

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