I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to link to Earth2Tech, an interesting new project from internet legend Om Malik’s GigaOm family of blogs. It’s focused on clean tech startups, which as we all know are the hot new thing.

I’ve also been waiting for a good excuse to post something about thin-film solar, which is hopping right now. Shell and Honda, which are big-timers in solar, both recently dropped their crystalline silicon programs and switch to full-time thin-film R&D. In the next two or three years we’re going to see the introduction of some products that will eventually change the solar equation in fundamental ways. (I have a wee piece about this coming out in Wired soon.)

So, here’s a chance to do both: E2T has an interview Martin Roscheisen, CEO of thin-film startup Nanosolar.

For you geeks: Nanosolar has skipped the high-vacuum deposition process used to create most thin-film solar panels these days and gone straight to a nano-scale printing process. In my (just barely educated enough to be dangerous) opinion, Nanosolar’s only real competition in this third-gen solar space is Heliovolt.

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Worth reading.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.