dan kalafatasSorry for the late notice, but tomorrow at 1pm (Pacific) I’m interviewing Dan Kalafatas, president and COO of 3 Degrees, a new outfit that delivers "customized, global climate change solutions to U.S. businesses, utilities and institutions."

In English, that means they sell offsets and RECs to businesses, work with utilities to establish green power pricing programs, and help businesses market their sustainability for maximum advantage.

"Another offset provider," you yawn. Hold on, though. The reason I’m interviewing Kalfatas is that I’m quite taken with 3 Degrees’ "Reduce, Renew, Balance" approach. That means when they work with businesses, they recommend first that the business increase its efficiency and reduce its emissions, second that the business build onsite renewable power generation or buy green power credits (RECs), and only third that the business account for the rest of its emissions with offsets.

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I suspect that nothing could satisfy some offset critics, but this certainly sounds like what greens want, right? If every business followed this plan the world would be a much better place.

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In addition, 3 Degrees employs some people with expertise in verifying offsets, and their recommendations for how to source offsets are top notch.

So, here’s a chance for all you offset skeptics to have your questions answered. Help me give Kalafatas the third degree (ha ha).

What should I ask him?

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