British retailers launch climate campaign, UBS unveils global-warming index

Eight companies in Britain have launched a campaign called “We’re in This Together,” offering products and price cuts to help customers lessen their eco-impacts. Leading retailers Tesco and B&Q, for example, halved the costs of light bulbs and insulation, and a cell-phone company will pay a credit to customers who reduce consumption by forgoing a new phone when renewing their contract. Appearing with the company heads, Prime Minister Tony Blair offered this vague rah-rah: “For this country to make an impact on the global framework [against global warming] — which in the end is the answer to this — it’s important we demonstrate leadership.” Yes! And shop! Meanwhile, international investment bank UBS has created the world’s first global-warming index. And while we don’t actually have money or understand what people do with it, it seems the index — which tracks the average daily temps in 15 U.S. cities and will expand to include cities around the world — will help investors, uh, invest better.