There’s an interesting interview in the NYT with Jeffrey Swartz, CEO of Timberland (not to be confused with Timbaland — he’s his own CEO, bee-yotch). Swartz is frustrated that Big Outdoor Wear worked to address child labor but hasn’t managed a concerted effort to significantly reduce its impact on the earth from making, transporting, and selling gear, despite sporadic individual efforts.

Philadelphia Eagles

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And in other news, an ABC News reporter who is obviously a reader of my illustrious column has expansively profiled the green efforts of the Philadelphia Eagles. And the crowd goes wild:

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What a crock. And a large part of the public is content with the feeling that something is being done for the earth. Perhaps they should concentrate on doing what they are organized to do: win games. It’s a feel-good, B.S. public relations stunt that wins the hearts of the mindless.

Love that enthusiasm!

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