New York Times runs series on green biz

The New York Times is running a ginormous series today on green business, creatively titled “The Business of Green.” (Hey, NYT, if you need headline help for the next series, just let us know.) Read about green collaborations among businesses and enviro organizations; Chicago’s success in combining environmental and economic goals, and meeting them; entrepreneurs in the carbon-trading market; the risks of nuclear power as a “clean” energy source; and environmental products like lead-free bullets that are popping up in government agencies. Take a video tour of a cutting-edge green building; learn about the eco-trends in the restaurant biz, advertising, e-waste recycling, and pig farming (cute piggy photo alert!). A couple of articles focus on the moneymaking potential of green technology; a feature on sustainable investing discusses “big money managers who hope to substitute an ‘n’ for the ‘d’ at the end of ‘greed’ and still come out ahead.” Clever! And timely, to boot.