Daniel CraigEveryone’s favorite secret agent is at it again — and this time he hopes to live and let Greene die. That’s right, Craig (Daniel Craig) is filming the next Bond flick as we speak type. Quantum of Solace continues the storyline that began with Casino Royale and finds Bond shaken (not stirred) by the death and betrayal of a loved one.

He wants revenge, and he points a (Gold)finger at "eco-entrepreneur" Dominic Greene (the man with the green gun?). Played by Mathieu Amalric, the French star of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Greene is the owner of an eco-hotel in the Chilean desert — an oasis aimed at luring rich and powerful folk with fancy environmental technology.

But could this Bond villain really be who he seems? (Dr.) No! In fact, the hotel and "Save the Earth" shtick is just a front for Greene’s plan to seize part of South America’s water supply.

Aha! A brilliant plot twist: Mr. Greene is Greenewashing! I hope Bond can figure it out in time. After all, you only live twice.

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