Wal-Mart’s new big-box store being constructed in McKinney, Texas, has a twist: It will employ several conservation methods and green technologies, making it the company’s first “environmentally friendly” store. Apparently, not only will it have a wind turbine to generate 5% of its power, and a rainwater catchment system for 95% of its irrigation needs, but it will use waterless urinals in its restrooms and recycle its oil from the deli and automotive departments to help heat the building.

The inspiration for all this being “to save money and keep costs down.”  I guess if you overlook the proliferation of suburban sprawl, the ruination of local businesses, and the poor treatment of its employees, this could almost be seen as a good thing. But, oh wait, they’re building it near an already existing “traditional” Wal-Mart so they can “gauge its progress.”