Gas pumpThe ability to go somewhere without gassing up: priceless.Photo: JasonSo the Middle East continues to melt down, and gas prices are going up, again. This time, the jump is the second-biggest in the history of the gasoline market — 33 cents per gallon in just two weeks.

According to the American Public Transportation Association, an average two-person American household can save $825 a month by giving up one car in favor of public transit (those figures include parking). In New York, the city at the top of the list, savings could add up to more than $14,000 per year. In Las Vegas, it would be more like $9,000 — still some serious change.

So here’s our question to you: Do rising gas prices make you any more likely to ride public transit? Would you consider biking for transportation? Do you have a telecommuting option?

Or does the idea of giviing up even one of your household’s cars seem impossible?

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Do you even have a public transportation system where you live and work? Is it reliable enough to use every day?

Let us know in the comments, and we’ll post the results.

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(Hat tip to AltTransport.)