Of course, the libtards at the NY Times don't think this story is fit to print, so once again we must applaud the courage of the NY Post, which has published a bombshell report conclusively linking bike lanes to 9/11.

There is little I can add to this excellent Gothamist investigation of the New York Post's ongoing war on Bike Lanes. So I will just quote some more of it:

In the Post's exclusive report, Sadik-Khan's motive for 9/11 has finally been exposed. And of course, it's all about the bike lanes. Although Sadik-Khan would not seize control of the DOT in a bloodless coup until 2007, her plot for total bike lane domination had been in the works for years. As the Post has tirelessly reported, Sadik-Khan's ultimate goal is to establish a bike lane caliphate in New York City, eventually expanding outward from New York until all of America is reduced to a single bike lane and pedestrian mall.

It only gets better. Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.

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