The Navy, USDA, and Energy Department are investing in biofuels that come from plants we don't eat.

As Shell fought an oil leak in the North Sea, Norway's biggest oil company announced it had found a huge oil field there. Oh awesome, nothing can go wrong with this!

Shell's also helping Iraq to double its capacity to produce natural gas.

U.S. solar manufacturers say it's hard to compete against China's low-priced workers.

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Even the lead-up to drilling in the Arctic has frightened off whales.

Who says green living's not self-centered? BMW's electric and hybrid line is called Project I.

A judge shot down a group of New York City activists who were fighting against a two-way bike lane in Brooklyn.

So it'll still be there for anyone who wants to take this hybrid-like bike for a spin. It's equipped with a flywheel that gathers energy from braking and uses it to give the rider a boost.

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