Visit a park in Portland, and you could find a nice vendor biking around, hauling a cooler of ice cream. But this isn't any ice cream. It's illegal ice cream, and the people who are selling it are thumbing their nose at the law that is the Portland Parks Bureau.

You’re supposed to pay $120 each month for a permit to sell ice cream in the parks, and these lawless vendors just aren't buying them. It annoys the people who sell legal ice cream, and the parks people. But are they going to crack down? According to the Oregonian:

"They're not hurting anyone, so we don't chase them," said Shawn Rogers, a supervisor of the bureau's customer service center, which issues the permits.

(Also, they are probably faster than you, with their bikes and all.)

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Of course, if you’re not comfortable living on the edge with your subversive under-the-table bike ice cream, you could always head north to get some perfectly above-board bicycle pie.