Barbie’s finally got an awesome set of wheels to go with that solar-powered dream house. The good folks at the One Speed Go blog in Phoenix recently tipped us off to the Barbie Glam Bike, a sparkly pink beach cruiser with matching fenders and chain guard. What’s more remarkable, though, is the accompanying doll, who sports flat human-style feet (guess those pointy toes caused problems with the pedals) and authentic leg movement. This may be the first time something about Barbie’s physical features has been called "authentic."

Given that bike-functional Barbie is coming out just a few months after the new limited-edition tattooed Barbie with pink hair, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Mattel is trying to make your daughters grow up to be bike messengers. Which is way, way better than what they were trying to make them grow up into before.

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