If you worked in President Bartlet’s White House, you would not have to worry about dying an early death from sitting all day, because the West Wing staffers are always walking! And talking! And walk-and-talking! About things like how no one realizes that the president actually can’t fix gas prices.

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And after you watch this West Wing reunion video from Funny or Die, you too will want to walk. Because President Bartlet gave an inspiring speech that referenced Greece, and due to the President Bartlet magic, it’s effective even though he is old now and Charlie has a gross mustache. But if you need a real reason … well, as the staff says, walking helps prevent diabetes, stroke, all sorts of cancer, and depression. (They said it very quickly, so maybe you missed it.)

Only problem? “It’s too simple” and “Segway riders won’t like this.” Man, these guys are good! So good they solved the American health crisis in two minutes, where it would have taken the Obama administration at least the traditional hour (including commercial breaks).

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