The world is changing under our feet. The atmosphere warms. The Arctic greens. Habitats collapse.

We wouldn’t have wished this on ourselves, but it’s not all bad. Every change presents a new niche opening for an upstart species. Nature adapts. And when upstart species begin to thrive you can be sure that the most opportunistic species of them all, Homo sapiens, will try and eat them.

You can see this adaptation at the docks on Lake Erie where goldfish have quietly wriggled into the American diet. Yes, goldfish. Fishermen sold over 100,000 pounds of them last year. Perhaps some kid wins one at the fair, brings it home in a plastic bag, and then sets it free in a creek. These goldfish have been fruitful, they have multiplied, and they have grown into monsters — well, actually they are just a couple pounds each, but that’s still big enough to terrify me.