President Obama has done a lot for this country over the past eight years. He started off by proving that we as a nation can elect black people to office — or at least, one black person, once — which was pretty big. Then he went on to avoid a depression, pass healthcare reform, make it OK for gay people to serve openly in the military, repeal Bush’s ban on using federal tax dollars for embryonic stem cell research, forge a nuclear deal with Iran, jam with China about climate change, make student loans less hellishcrack a few jokes, sing some Al Green, and grab coffee with Jerry Seinfeld.

But all the while, President Barack “Bin Laden’s Dead” Obama has also been leading a quiet revolution in your home. Since 2009, the Obama administration has put dozens of rules in place to make home appliances run more efficiently, ultimately saving Americans a lot of cash, and maybe giving humanity a bit more time on this planet. A recent measure to reduce the energy demands of rooftop air conditioners and furnaces, for example, could save $1.7 trillion in electricity bills over the next 30 years. Here’s more from Bloomberg:

Few energy-consuming devices have been spared from the rule changes. They cover everything from clothes washers and dryers to ceiling fan light kits and beverage vending machines, with the president pledging to review 17 more standards for possible revision before the end of his term. The Energy Department has estimated that the reductions will save consumers more than $520 billion through 2030 in electricity costs.

… All the standards updated during Obama’s presidency may cut 3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide by 2030, equal to about half the carbon pollution from the entire U.S. energy sector in a year, according to the Energy Department.