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The politics of climate, energy, and cities

Ben Adler covers environmental policy and politics for Grist, with a focus on climate change, energy, and cities. When he isn't contemplating the world's end, he also writes about architecture and media. You can follow him on Twitter.

Climate & Energy

He may be pope, but that doesn’t mean he can stop climate change

Church teachings don't hold much sway in partisan politics where people's minds are already made up. Why do we think the pope's climate stand will be any different?


You probably missed this climate change promise hidden in Clinton’s speech

In an otherwise predictable speech, the Democratic front-runner said she would raise fees on fossil-fuel extraction and leasing.


You can’t blame immigrants for California’s drought

Xenophobes are trying to seize the drought to push their anti-immigration agenda, but their arguments fall flat.


Pittsburgh screwed its residents by hiring a private water manager

A lawsuit against the company that manages Pittsburgh's water -- and that has cut residents off based on erroneous bills -- shows the downside of privatization.


To create more affordable housing, build more mass transit

Adding new subway lines, trains, and bus routes makes nearby housing more attractive -- and more economical for people who need to commute to jobs.


Think Detroit has it rough now? Just wait ‘til climate change gets ahold of it

But there are lots of things the city can do to prepare.


Can we get people to move back to Detroit?

Once-mighty old industrial cities could sustain much larger populations, and that would be good for the environment. But is it realistic?

Climate & Energy

Martin O’Malley could try to out-green Bernie Sanders

O’Malley, former governor of Maryland, is running for president. Will he make a push to be the biggest climate hawk in the Democratic field?

Climate & Energy

The climate movement doesn’t need conservatives

An environmentalist calling for the climate movement to incorporate conservatives is like a fundamentalist pastor calling for the anti–gay marriage movement to incorporate liberals.