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The politics of climate, energy, and cities

Ben Adler covers environmental policy and politics for Grist, with a focus on climate change, energy, and cities. When he isn't contemplating the world's end, he also writes about architecture and media. You can follow him on Twitter.

Ted Cruz won’t win over most Americans with his city bashing

Cruz has been slamming New York City as a way to slam Donald Trump, but his outdated anti-urban prejudice could come back to bite him.

Rich people walk and bike for different reasons than poor people do

New research finds that attractive and interesting neighborhoods are what get well-off people out of their cars.

Obama to revamp program that sells off public coal for dirt cheap

Climate activists have been pushing for reform of the federal coal leasing program, and the president heard them.

Climate & Energy

Cattle grazing is a climate disaster, and you’re paying for it

It’s time the taxpayers stopped indulging whiny welfare queens like the Bundys and kicked them off the dole.

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Bernie Sanders’ climate plan would be awesome if he had a friendly Congress, but he won’t

The Democratic candidate has a grand vision, but what would he actually get done without cooperation from Capitol Hill?

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Here’s what Obama can still do to fight climate change in his final year

There are three big steps he has the power to take even without cooperation from Congress.

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Here’s why repealing the crude oil export ban wasn’t such a bad deal

The repeal was a gift to the oil industry, but at least Democrats got some good stuff in return.

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Paris Agreement represents progress on cutting emissions, but not so much on climate justice

The rich countries largely got their way in Paris.

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Republicans still hope to throw a wrench in the Paris climate deal

Electing a GOP president might do the trick.