Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Signs of movement

Heather Smith (on Twitter, @strangerworks) is interested in the various ways that humans try to save the environment: past, present, and future.

Climate & Energy

What determines whether people accept climate science? Politics, politics, politics

A new meta-analysis of years of studies finds that political beliefs are the best predictor of climate-change beliefs.


Should California give subsidies to people buying bicycles?

California bike people want to change the state's clean-vehicle rebate rules so their preferred rides can get a share of the public cash.

Climate & Energy

Want to fight climate change? Here are the 7 critical life changes you should make

A new study lists the many things individuals can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But individual action may never be enough.

Climate & Energy

A talking cure for climate-based depression? It worked for Renee Lertzman

The cofounder of the Climate Psychology Alliance explains why she sees climate inaction as a psychological issue.


The untested limits — and wonderful naps — of self-driving cars

The new ruling that automated driving systems can legally be considered drivers will usher in all manner of newfangled quandaries on the road.


It happened to me: The NFL built a “Super Bowl City” in my city

In honor of the big game, downtown San Francisco has turned into an immaculate temple of beer cans.


The X-Files, conspiracy theories, and the ‘90s: The inconvenient truth is out there

The new X-Files reboot weaves climate change into its dark web of conspiracy-theory thinking.


Will climate change move agriculture indoors? And will that be a good thing?

The story of a hot indoor-ag startup offers a window onto the potential and the pitfalls of the new greenhouse-tech movement.

Climate & Energy

Can you turn climate change activism into a game? Here’s how we’ll find out

A new campaign called Get Loud aims to motivate teens to spread the word on climate by getting them to earn points toward prizes.