Jess Zimmerman

Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

Sharknado movie

Donate to the Sharknado sequel and you’ll also be supporting shark conservation

If you donate enough money, you can help save a shark AND be in the movie!

Salamanders are doing their best to stave off climate change

A new study indicates that woodland salamanders help keep carbon out of the atmosphere.

The future of genetically modified plants could include potatoes with tiny hamburgers in the middle

Writer Daniel Berleant envisions the wacky future of food, including egg-sized sunflower seeds and watermelons that taste like nectarines.

This is the sweetest, mushiest bike map you’ve ever seen

Vincent Meertens and his girlfriend Larissa tracked all their bike trips for a year.

Even “green” K-Cups kinda suck for the environment

The new "EcoCup," billed as a green K-Cup alternative, is recyclable -- but not all that recyclable.

Watch commuters live your public transit nightmare as they avoid a rat in a subway car

You shouldn't let this keep you from using public transit, but we'd understand if you avoided open-toed shoes for a while.

20 percent of the tricolored blackbirds on Earth are in imminent danger — but you can help save them

A flock of 50,000 tricolored blackbirds is under imminent threat, but you can help them for a dollar a bird.

Sped-up video of ocean creatures is kind of terrifying

We take it back. Don't save the oceans. There's some really freaky stuff in there.

The week in GIFs: Booze, meat, and coffee

This week we found out how to brew booze at home and learned why you shouldn't throw your K-Cups into space.