Lisa Hymas

Lisa Hymas is senior editor at Grist. She tweets sometimes.

pot smoker

If your pot isn’t organic, you’re probably inhaling pesticides

Bummer news for pot smokers: Up to 70 percent of the pesticides found on a marijuana bud can end up in the smoke you're inhaling.

Tom Steyer

The big election winner: Deep-pocketed Tom Steyer

With a hefty injection of money from Steyer, enviros won two key contests on Tuesday: the governor's race in Virginia and a race in rural Washington that may determine the fate of a coal export terminal.

Gina McCarthy

EPA chief tells Grist what coal will have to do to survive in a “carbon-constrained” future

Gina McCarthy talks to Grist about the president's attitude toward climate change and her agency’s proposed rules on new power plants -- plus a little about her favorite baseball team.

Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein says big green groups are more trouble than climate deniers

She argues that mainstream environmentalists are too tied to the neoliberal agenda to embrace the huge shifts needed to tackle climate change.

Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and Hank Paulson

Can these three billionaire superfriends save the climate?

Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and Hank Paulson are teaming up to launch a big bipartisan climate initiative next month.

Harper and Obama

Canadian PM to Obama: Let’s make a deal on Keystone!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has sent a letter to Obama proposing "joint action" on CO2 emissions, hoping to pave the way for Keystone approval.

Ben & Jerry's

Cool news: Big fridges to get more efficient under new Obama rules

Just what you've been waiting for: Another reason to feel good about buying Ben & Jerry's.

man and woman boxing

Democrats will soon have a big, fat fight over fracking

Many Democratic politicians are pro-fracking. Many core Democratic voters are not. As the 2016 election nears, that conflict will heat up.

Climate scientists are 95 percent sure that humans are causing global warming

Leaked drafts of the forthcoming fifth IPCC climate report reveal that scientists are more sure than ever before that we're screwing up the climate.