Raven Rakia

Raven Rakia is a fellow at Grist.

A sinking jail: The environmental disaster that is Rikers Island

Flooding, extreme heat, and air pollution plague New York City's notorious jail complex.

Court allows Nigerian communities struggling from oil spills to sue Shell in the Netherlands

Two new lawsuits may push corporations to think twice before doing all their dirty work far from home.

In Pennsylvania, oil trains are more likely to run through communities of color

You really don't want to live in an oil train "blast zone" -- but these communities don't have a choice.

New series takes you to the fenceline communities of California’s oil refineries

Spotlight California talks directly with residents living with environmental racism — and has a little fun while doing it.

Residents fight for economic and environmental justice in one Illinois town

It’s pretty much impossible to fight for clean air and water without tackling income equality.

Fracking waste more likely to be located in poor communities and neighborhoods of color

A new study finds a disturbing trend in South Texas’ Eagle Ford.

coal power

5 percent of polluters create 90 percent of toxic emissions. Guess where they’re located?

A new study shows "toxic outliers" more likely to be located in communities of color.

Black Lives Matters calls the Flint water crisis an act of “state violence”

The group released a statement of solidarity with the Michigan residents still suffering from a lead-contaminated water supply.

The real heroes of the Flint water crisis

It's not Hillary Clinton -- it's the people on the front lines.