A new web series tackles the racial disparities of air pollution in California by speaking to community activists, the people directly affected, and a … party scientist? If you don’t know what a party scientist is, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The series has a little fun while tackling pretty heavy subjects. In episode three of Spotlight California, titled “In Our Air,” the filmmakers travel to Wilmington, Calif., where they speak to residents about health effects from the five oil refineries located in the neighborhood. “My daughter got pneumonia three times, and it was all airborne. So I know that it has something to do with our environment … At the age of 5, they’re just like little sponges, taking in everything. And my daughter had to miss half of the school year,” Wilmington resident Jenny Castillo says in the episode. Watch the episode above and then read more about how you can help.

Not to mention, they come up with a great solution in this episode for how to get more people to use public transportation over cars: Throw a party on the bus with guacamole, duh! Why didn’t we come up with that?!

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