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High and Mighty

As sales boom, pot shops have become the new face of gentrification

In Seattle, on the same corner where black men were once arrested for dealing pot, a white man is now legally raking in seven-figure sales.

Making the connections on tar-sands pollution, racism, and sexism

Melina Laboucan-Massimo is leading the fight against tar-sands development in Canada -- and for the rights of indigenous women.

How an inspiring group of women built one of the greenest buildings in Portland

This African-American sorority turned an old gas station into a sleek eco-paradise.


Meet the food justice and clean energy advocate who wants to shake up the nonprofit world

Diego Angarita Horowitz is a rising star in the nonprofit world. Now he's adding a business degree to his resume.

How much does your state care about the environment?

One company analyzed enviro-minded Google searches by state and called out the superstars. Nice work, Cali.

In California, people of color are dangerously close to oil train disasters

A new report finds that minority and low-income residents are more likely to live in California's oil train "blast zone."

You should be excited about this SCOTUS decision, too

ICYMI: The Supreme Court ruled on another major discrimination case last week.

Seattle: City of the Future

Why Seattle still has a huge garbage problem

The city says it wants to get to "zero waste," but residents apparently have a hard time with change.

Seattle: City of the Future

Tent cities: Seattle’s unique approach to homelessness

To hold back a rising tide, Seattle has embraced an approach that other cities have outlawed.