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Can the “whitest city in America” deliver green living for all?

Portland, Ore., has set out to bridge the "green divide," bringing environmental justice to poor communities and communities of color.


Diverse cities don’t always have diverse neighborhoods

Some of the most racially "diverse" cities in the country are also the most segregated.


People of color suffer through extra long commutes

If you're Latino and live in the Twin Cities, you burn more than a month of work time each year just getting to the office, when compared to your white counterparts.

Climate & Energy

Mississippi utility must repay $281M for illegally financing “clean coal”

The state supreme court ruled that Mississippi Power "exceeded its authority" when it raised electricity rates for 186,000 households to fund a controversial, $6.17 billion power plant.

Climate & Energy

In rural Mississippi, the future of coal looks a lot like its past

21st century technology promises to turn a dirty fuel in to green energy. But at $6.1 billion and counting, the dream of "clean coal" is still out of reach.

Climate & Energy

We did the math on clean coal, and it doesn’t add up

Is carbon capture and sequestration a net win for the climate? That depends on how you crunch the numbers.


Seattle to shame residents for throwing away food

The city will shame and fine residents for putting compostable food in the trash bin.

Saving private ryan's energy usage

When it comes to efficiency, U.S. military soldiers on

The military is trying to shift the habits, routines, and practices of individual service members.


Outfit so last year? Compost it

Eco-clothing brand Freitag wants you to feed your plants with its pants.