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Climate & Energy

For the 97 billionth time: Yes, there is a 97 percent consensus on climate change

A new meta-study just confirmed what we already knew, but what people like Ted Cruz won't stop denying.

Climate & Energy

The National Weather Service decides to stop yelling at us


Climate & Energy

Tiny island nations aren’t just going to drown. First they’re going to dry out.

A new study shows that 16 million island residents could face more arid conditions by mid-century.

Climate & Energy

The science around clouds and climate change is, well, cloudy

What a pain in the cumulonimbus.

Climate & Energy

Food waste is already a big problem — but it could get even bigger

And that's terrible news on climate change.

Business & Technology

More than 100 years of car evolution could reveal where the industry is going next

In a new study, researchers treat car models as species that originate and die when their production cycles begin and end.

Business & Technology

Affordable Teslas? Elon Musk is about to take your brain to Mars.

The Model 3 is expected to cost $35,000 and get 200 miles per charge.


What makes a city great? New data backs up long-held beliefs

Here's more proof that Jane Jacobs was right.

in hot dog water

These sea cucumbers vacuum up the ocean’s trash — and they’re in trouble

Pollution and overfishing are big problems for the "burnt hot dog" cucumber.